You may fulfil your Zakat seamlessly and with ease using PayNow or debit card.

You may find the tutorial and video guides for each payment method below, together with several important notes to ensure that your zakat payment/transaction goes through and is successful.


PayNow is a quick and easy Zakat mode of payment. Simply scan the unique QR code generated for you using your banking app. (the QR code is generated upon clicking ‘PLACE ORDER’)

Please note that the system will only acknowledge payments where the QR code is scanned.

Hence, please DO NOT manually type the PayNow UEN number. Otherwise, your payment will not be acknowledged as completed and you will not receive an email confirmation and receipt.


You may also use your debit cards to make payment for your Zakat online.

Simply select ‘DEBIT’ upon checkout and proceed to input your card details. Please ensure that you input the correct card details.

Please DO NOT use a credit card. Your payment will be declined/rejected.

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